About Carbrook Nursery

Carbrook Nursery QLD is a wholesale propagation nursery supplying the nursery trade, landscapers, developers and local government. The Nursery was established in 2009 and is focused on growing exceptional quality tubestock for the commercial industry.

Since 2009
Quality products
Propagation Experience 40 years collectively
We use environmentally safe & efficient chemicals
Monitoring our stock and surroundings daily
Tubestock Propagation since 2013
Our Speciality and New Direction
We are located on the south side of Brisbane in the Logan Shire and within close proximity to Redland Bay. Servicing Nurseries, landscapers, developers and local governments Australia wide, we provide a wide range of tubestock that are suitable for varied climates. We are able to provide quantities to meet your needs all at competitive prices.

We cater for mass native revegetation, both soft and large scale plant outs and landscaping, ornamental and architectural plants, supply for the wholesale markets, and contract growing for large scale projects for the future sustainability of Australia’s ecosystems.

Monitoring our stock and surroundings daily, using environmentally safe, efficient chemicals and fertilizers to inhibit as well as controlling the spread of fire ants, myrtle rust, and pest and fungal attack, gives our customers a 100% quality product for their projects.